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I don't want to become this board's "special preview guy," but has a look at SPIDER-MAN LEGACY or LEGACY: SPIDER-MAN. And I'm intrigued. Mainly since Dan Slott says Peter Parker isn't going to be a photgrapher again. Alex Ross cover after the cut.

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One element of Batman dropped in the nu52 post-FLASHPOINT DCU is that Batman doesn't hate also other superheroes for no good reason. The problem is, I have a hard time coming up with reason why Batman hated all other superheroes that doesn't make Bruce Wayne look incredibly petty.

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What were other characters from Batman mythos up to during "Dark Knight Rises?"

Bail Karlo
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More random TDKR thoughts:

1. How *did* Bruce get back into Isolated!Gotham? A line about "Bane's men are watching the ice, not the water underneath it" would have helped.

2. With all the movie's talk about legacy and parents and children, with the Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy cameos, I wouldn't have minded brief appearances from Linus "Thomas Wayne" Roach (not from Batman Begins footage) and Tom "Carmine Falcone" Wilkinson.

DreamSequence!Thomas says to Bruce, "I get the mission, I get the costume, I even get the bat. I don't get thinking you don't deserve to be happy."

Saner!Falcone could have a discussion with Selina in Blackgate before it goes kaboom. They snark at each other, and then as Selina turns to go...
Falcone: You look so much like her, Selina. Like your mother.
Selina: Yes, Daddy.

The Catwoman miniseries "When In Rome" has Selina trying to figure out if Carmine Falcone is her father, so there's history there. It also gives ten times more motive to Selina's wanting the "clean slate."

3. So, everyone thinks Batman killed "those people" before killing Dent. It would be nice to know who "those people" were. "Five people dead, two of them cops" bothers me more than every other plothole in the entire Nolan series.

4. We should really call this version "Talia Ducard," not "Talia Al Ghul."
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If Christopher Nolan wants to use the French Revolution as a template for Bane's revolution in TDKR, he should remember who took over after the revolution: Napoleon. And what Bat-villian is a lot like Napoleon? Well, a sign that mentions the Iceberg Lounge is being built could have been TDKR's version of the Joker card at the end of Batman Begins.
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I still consider this the Joker's best line.

Mr. J's best line

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After The Avengers, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3, the question is "What is next?" for the Marvel Cinema Universe.
I am hoping for a Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson, but what would we want in such a movie?

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From X-FORCE (vol 1) #4. Cable vs. Black Tom Cassidy. This story was a crossover with Todd MacFarlane's 1990s SPIDER-MAN series. Both issues were drawn sideways.

Surrendering bad guys? Cable doesn't play that )
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Saturday, the YouTube presentation of Andrew Garfield's appearance at the San Diego Comic Con and some thoughts about lackluster response to the Green Lantern movie gave me a sudden epiphany about Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

We want Peter Parker to be Barry Allen, not Hal Jordan.

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It will be a while until IRON MAN 3. At least one AVENGERS movie, maybe even two.
But what would we like to see/hear in the third IRON MAN movie?

"Sir, at this point I might recommend..."
"Jarvis, I'll pilot the armor by remote control the day I can't get out of bed. Which is different than not *wanting* to get out of bed."

"Dr. Johann Faustus. Dr. Amanda Sefton. Dr. Leonard Samson. Jarvis, these are all the names of psychiatrists."
"If you wish to contact a psychiatrist, sir, I might suggest building a suit of armor and risking life and limb to pilot it. Mental health professionals will be beating down your door at that point."

"So, Agent Barton, how'd you get the nickname 'Hawkeye'?"
"I'm a big Alan Alda fan."

"You ladies are police officers, right? Because I've been wrong before."
"Sgt. Monica Rambeau, Mr. Stark. And it's spelled R-A-M-B-E-A-U, so no comments about wearing a red headband and no shirt."
"Who needs headbands?"

"This is like wearing my own tank. My own tight, humid tank."
"I apologize for any fitting problems, Ms. Potts."
"It's all right, Jarvis. This suit is chafing me in unmentionable places, but I'm fine."
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Two pages from the Simpsons' take on Shakespeare: Itchy and Scratchy perform Titus Andronicus!

Some say Shakespeare was trying to go for a parody with Titus.
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Will Watchmen make any money for Warner Bros. at all in its initial run; the Hollywood Reporter isn't sure that it will, according to

Judging by a NYU's professor's regression model on how opening weekend box office numbers predict total movie grosses, and adjusting downward due to expected higher-than-normal opening weekend geek fandom, we'd expect this film to eventually gross about, or just above, $130 million domestically when all is said and done (Paramount holds overseas rights). Funny enough, that happens to be the same figure as the reported budget of the film.

I don't think WATCHMEN will "damage" the careers of any of the cast members. All of them have run themselves ragged to promote the movie, and all of them are capable actors. Even Malin Ackerman, the cast member singled out as the "weak link," just as Laurie is often considered the "weak link" of the graphic novel.

None of the cast members are straight-up movie stars, but this might give each actor and actress chances at bigger roles. Zach Snyder has been declared a "visionary director," so he's set.

Here are some links.
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With all the WATCHMEN hoopla going on, perhaps more regular fans will get a better understanding of the "grim and gritty" era of comic books. And article in Slate said how between WATCHMEN and DKR, superhero comics especially at DC got darker and darker.

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Here are a few Lois Lane-themed Motivational (or Demotivational) posters).

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About a year ago I speculated on lines for Spider-Man 4. Now I will speculate on lines for Batman 3.

"In a few years, you won't be able to swing a grappling hook in this city without hitting a geek in a costume with a name and a gimmick."

"Riddle me this: What's the difference between chance and choice? The letter's A, N, O and I."

"From what I know about police procedures, Commissioner Gordon, you shouldn't even still be carrying a gun."

"You can't be all things to all the people in Gotham City. You can't knock the teeth out of muggers one day and help little old ladies across the street the next."

"So you took Harvey Dent's sins upon yourself? Sheesh, I thought you needed blue tights and a red cape to have a Messiah Complex."

"Bah! Bah, I say!"

"Well, Alfred, the repellent didn't work in open water."
"You know sir, I always thought the term 'jump the shark' meant something different."

"It's all true. I, Alfred Pennyworth, am... the Batman!"

"Oh, sure. I spend hours flouncing around my apartment in my underwear until Bruce Wayne calls to ask me out."

"So, the long-lost daughter of one of Gotham's first and most powerful crime bosses is spending her time teaching Catholic school?"

"Who the hell are you supposed to be, Batman's cousin?"

"All those cameras, and none of them got a good look at the Huntress' face."
"When a young woman wears an outfit like that, I'm not very surprised, sir."

"A suit with encephalo-cybernetic interfaces for linking to vehicles? Mr. Wayne, you'll be *my* age before this technology is even *remotely* feasible"
"It never hurts to plan for the future, Lucius."

"Odd. For about twenty minutes, the inmates started chanting something in perfect synchronization, and then stopped."
"What did they chant, Professor Strange?"
"Darkseid is."
(Okay, maybe that will work better for the next Superman movie.)
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[Error: unknown template qotd] My first was a picture of Superboy from the DC comics CCG. I am using the current one because I was lucky to find a 'regular' picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker last year. I decided to keep it up as a tribute to the actor.
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One underrated Oscar moment was the playful nudge James McAvoy gave Saoirse Ronan after the clip where her character sells his character down the river in "Atonement." Actually, given the bright blue eyes both McAvoy and Ronan have, I wouldn't mind seeing a movie where *they* play siblings instead of Ronan and Keira Knightly.

Oscar hope

Feb. 11th, 2008 11:39 pm
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Jon Stewart should do a pre-taped routine called "I AM HOST" similar to the bits Billy Crystal usually does. Basically, it's an I AM LEGEND parody with Jon in an abandoned Hollywood. One joke: "I sleep in a bathtub while clutching a high-powered rifle. Actually, I did that before the writers' strike."


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